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Thursday, 27 December 2012

The End of 2012

1.   This is probably my 3rd blog i've ever created.

2.   Im not a blog person because Im not sure what to share or what not to share.

3.   i like the idea of letting people know something good/bad about me.

4.   but not everyone, only my close friends and family.

5.   even if i dont update anything here.They will surely find out somewhere about my latest info.

6.   Im going to summarize what i think 2012 has been treated me so far.

7.   Work. Alhamdulillah. Im finally manage to get out from RESAA. I loved working there, but they pay me   
      very low. Now I work at an established Legal Firm in KL, with high salary and challenging working 
      enviroment/task . Im doing well here. I hope.

8.   Home. Alhamdulillah. Finally we manage to rent a house at Semenyih. I dont have to keep missing my 
     my cats!! We all living together now and its fantastic.

9.   Money. Alhamdulillah. Thank you to my bos for hiring me and give me better pay. 
      Now I owned a Viva~! 

10.  Love. Alhamdulillah .. Still with Mr. N .. almost 3 years now.. fight break up make up Love again.

11.  Friends. Alhamdulillah.. Still in touch with my bestie.. Nurul,Anis,Anne,Huda,Os, & others. Altho' its   
       very hard to meet up with them due to commitment.

12.  So overall. 2012 has been not bad at all. But still lots of things need to be improve. Hope 2013 will treat 
       me nicely or even better. InsyaAllah...

N A Diyana A A

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