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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

my brother Jeff

To my beloved brother Jeff,

I believe that you know I love you so much.
We grew up together.
We fought , we laughed, we talked, we shared almost everything.

I understand that time has made we change now.
We dont talk anymore.
We dont share anymore.
We dont laugh together anymore.

You have change a lot.
Your prayers.
Your dress up.
Your attitude.
All are not the same anymore.

I believe your friends has become the major influence on you.
Mama, Kaklong & me, myself noticed this a very long time ago.
We couldnt say anything
Although sometimes Kaklong use her approach to get closer to you
Although sometimes Kakchik use my own approach to make you realize the truth
Although a lot of time Mama keep advising you
you still haven't change

I know you have done your very best
I know you think you have done good enough
But its not enough my dear
The more far you push Allah away
The more far your happiness will be taken away

I know you are not happy with your life
Family problem
Money problem
Education problem
All the problems are from Allah
HE wants you to come to HIM

How can we be happy without HIM?

my dear brother,
please dont get me wrong
all my prayers are with you
thats the best a sister could give

i cant force you to talk to me
i cant force you to even love me

but all i ask is you to love your parents more than your friends
cherish the time you have spending time with them
be a muslim teenage 
insyaAllah, you will find your happiness
and when the time has come
i know my prayer has been answered.

your sister