nuff said

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

my sister

I have a beautiful sister.
Her name is Nurul Ayesha.
I can consider her as my best friend, my advisor , my best enemy and my other half.

I look up to her
She is very talented in everyway
She is beautiful in her own way

She is lovable
no one can hate her

Although she looks a bit cold
but her heart is soft like a silk

i know she hurts a lot
if only i could take the pain away
i would

But, that is the test from Allah
I can only pray so that Allah will make it easy for you
& i know you long enough
to realize that you can pass all the hard test from Allah easily

you are a strong independent women
you can take it all like a piece of cake

Dear kakak,

if you must know
i love u so much
i think about u all the time
& pray to Allah to always protect u from any harm

your sister